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Handling your data responsibly and ethically is a top priority for us, when using our services you agree that we can process certain data as set out in this article.

Last updated: 18/06/2023

1. The data we collect

We may collect certain data neccesary for our business operations. Data we may process and store:

2. Erasure of data

All data we store is linked to accounts, by deleting your account here, data associated with your account will be erased with the exception of:

3. Payment data

Our payments are handled by, Stripe, a reputable third-party provider, they are responsible for handling all payment related information. Their legal agreements, including privacy policy, can be found at the checkout page for payments.

4. Third parties

We make use of some third party services who may collect some data, including advertising partners. If an advertising partner is collecting data, you will be shown a popup which you must accept with links to their privacy policy before proceeding where you can find information about the data collected by our partners.

Contact email address: [email protected]