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When using our services you agree to our terms of service set out in this article.

Last updated: 18/06/2023

1. Definitions

2. Rights we reserve

We reserve certain rights:

3. Limited liability should not be held liable for incidents such as but not limited to hardware failure, fire/water damage and downtime. We recommend users to take off-site backups for important data in case of an unlikely data loss.

4. Acceptable Use Policy

All users must conform with our acceptable use policy, failure to do so may result in your access to our services being revoked/suspended. Activities that are considered not acceptable include:

5. Promotions

We may run promotional offers, however we do not guarantee that promotions will always be usable and we reserve the right to cancel any promotional offer at any time or modify it's terms.

6. Payments, Refunds, Disputes and Cancellations

We offer a 24 hour refund policy, users can contact us within our Discord server through our ticket system or via email where applicable to request a refund. If 24 hours has passed since a payment was made we maintain the right to refuse a refund for any reason.

We reserve the right to refuse a refund, even within the 24-hour refund time, if any form of payment dispute/chargeback has been filed. We have a no-tolerance policy towards chargebacks/disputes, if there is any issue with our service you should reach out to us directly. If a chargeback/dispute is filed on a payment associated with your account, we will terminate/suspend your access to our services.

If we are unable to provide our service, we may refund a payment even after 24 hours, although we do not guarantee we will do this depending on the circumstances.

If a service from us is cancelled by the user, we do not offer refunds based on remaining time of the service. For recurring payments/subscriptions, upon cancelling a service, users should take care to ensure their subscription is cancelled with the payment gateway the subscription was processed with.

6. Account/service deletion

If you delete your account or a service provided by us, you accept that the associated data will be erased, and we do not guarantee we will/can recover it. This includes paid services/goods that are chosen to be deleted by the user. Users accept that deleting their account will delete all associated services/goods.

Contact email address: [email protected]